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WILLOW GROVE, PA – Representatives from Paragon Executives were among the top performers who gathered June 7 to 9 in Dallas, Texas for the National Leadership Conference. These team members returned with fresh ideas from the event.

Jeff, President of Paragon Executives, was accompanied by Brian, a team member who earned a chance to attend this prestigious event. Together, they took part in all the conference had to offer, from listening to keynote speeches delivered by experts in the clean energy business, to breakout sessions, and of course, plenty of networking in between learning.

As Jeff noted, the big takeaways for Paragon Executives included some best practices to apply for effective training and how to establish better goals. Jeff shared that each year, he and whomever joins him gain plenty of valuable knowledge in a number of areas that they can’t wait to put to use in their office.

One of the best parts of these conferences, according to Jeff, is a chance to envision the future in this industry. As representatives of Inspire Energy, Jeff and his team are tasked each day with getting the word out about clean energy solutions to homes and businesses in their region. Because the technology they share is ever-evolving, staying on top of the trends and the impact they bring becomes mission critical. This weekend underscored how much opportunity there is to make a difference.

Paragon Executives’ President on Why He Supports Team Travel

Without question, Jeff fully supports the chance to bring his team along for conferences, retreats, and even some cross-regional training at other successful offices. He knows from experience that the more he and his people can interact and learn from industry leaders, the better equipped they are to serve their client to the fullest.

But it’s more than just the planned learning opportunities that Jeff finds beneficial with business trips. There’s something about getting away from daily routines and discovering new things that Jeff finds refreshing and inspiring, often leading to big returns for the investment.

When it comes to team travel, Jeff is even more gung-ho at the chance to spend time with his team and get to know them better outside of the office. It’s easy to get distracted and fall into roles during the course of a normal workday. During trips, there’s more time to be present. Not to mention, heading to someplace exciting, like a big city or tropical paradise, means making some awesome memories that will be shared for a long time.

The Dallas adventure is still fresh in Jeff and Brian’s minds as they arrive home, ready to share their knowledge with the rest of the team. Before long, another set of Paragon Executives’ top performers will earn their way to a great travel adventure, and the excitement to learn will begin again.

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