How To Make The Most Of Training

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The first thing new team members notice about Paragon Executives is how deep our training program goes. This isn’t your casual ‘read some books and watch some videos’ type of onboarding. Instead, we’ve created a detailed, immersive learning environment that really gives our people the type of hands-on experience they need to learn and cement the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired.

However, as we emphasize around Paragon Executives HQ, while we supply the resources anyone needs to thrive in this industry, the key ingredient to success is always the ambition someone brings to the table. Those who are hungry to go further are going to use this knowhow fast. Here are some key pointers we share with our people to make the most of training:

Come With a Growth-Oriented Mind-Set: Someone who’s determined to develop professionally is far more likely to absorb information and master proficiencies. An intellectually curious person will go even further and ask questions so that he or she relates that knowledge to what they are doing and owns it.

Be Open to Feedback: Constructive insights are essential when it comes to being the best we can be in our careers and in life. Therefore, we need to accept what others tell us, both good and critiques, and see how we can apply it as we grow.

Always Seek More Avenues to Learn: Those with REAL ambition will kick things up a notch and find more sources of information and knowledge to excel. Most importantly, they never stop doing so. Once they’ve mastered a skill, they set their sights on the next level.

As we learn, we grow and advance within Paragon Executives. Check out our Facebook to see where our savvy takes us next.