Networking Our Way To The Top!

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There’s an old adage that holds true today – it’s not just what you know but WHO you know. While we do believe that merit and hard work ultimately predict how we’ll succeed, in our Paragon Executives office, we also recognize that having powerful connections can have positive impacts on our careers and company growth.

For this reason, Jeff, our Paragon Executives President, emphasizes the importance of networking skills in our learning environment. We work with our people to develop techniques to meet with others and form strong relationships. Among those aptitudes are researching potential contacts, coming up with icebreaker questions, knowing how to offer value, and devising the best ways to follow up.

When our team members are ready for the next step, we encourage them to attend events at which they’ll encounter movers and shakers in our industry and community. They attend leadership conferences and retreats. Sometimes they travel to other top-performing offices to cross-train and learn from the best and brightest there. We also strive to volunteer in our region, which exposes us to professionals who share our passions for different causes.

Each connection offers something different. We might find someone who can serve as a mentor while we grow professionally. Other people can be the conduits to introduce us to new opportunities we might not have discovered on our own.

What’s most noticeable about our networking is it leads to more knowledge and builds our people’s confidence. Do you want to connect with us? Follow Paragon Executives on Twitter and learn more about our team.