Essential Elements Of Growth-Focused Leadership

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The most effective leaders are those who focus on sustainable business growth. That’s our collective Paragon Executives opinion, which is why we focus on the following key attributes shared by growth-centered management styles:

  • Accountability: Leaders who are accountable for their own actions build trust throughout their teams, which powers stronger collaboration. By backing up their words with concerted efforts, accountable leaders set the tone for high-achieving offices. That’s why we stress this key quality in our Paragon Executives training efforts.
  • Openness to Feedback: We’ve also found that the most effective managers are willing to accept input from others when it comes to sharpening their skills. Growth-focused leaders know that improvement is always possible, so they seek out advice from their peers and team members. In doing so, they encourage their associates to ask for assistance when needed.
  • Willingness to Leave Comfort Zones: In our leadership training efforts, we teach our team members to push beyond their current skill sets. This is something great managers are willing to do, because they know being uncomfortable is an ideal state for meaningful growth. Our team members challenge themselves to keep adding to their skill sets by going beyond their comfort zones.

These are a few of the leadership traits we teach our people to emulate. Like Paragon Executives on Facebook to find more of our best management insights.