Travel That Takes Our Careers Places

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Business trips are often considered perks enjoyed only by a company’s top elite. Not at Paragon Executives. We make travel opportunities part of people’s learning experiences. It’s not long after they join our firm that our newest team members can earn chances to see great places with awesome people, also known as their colleagues.

Jeff, Paragon Executives’ President, explained that travel adventures come in many forms. Sometimes, it’s a visit to an office in another region or to check out a nearby market for possible expansion. Other times, we attend industry events, like leadership conferences and retreats. With each of these excursions, we have a chance to:

  • Gain Knowledge: Every trip has some learning component and we make sure to maximize our chances to pick up new knowledge by setting goals and planning ahead. For example, if we’re visiting a different office, we might have questions to ask about their techniques. Before going to a conference, we might highlight different sessions and presentations based on the information they will impart and how it corresponds with our learning objectives.
  • Build Networks: New places mean chances to connect with interesting people who can be helpful contacts. Industry leaders, other top performers, and potential business partners are among the connections we’ve made on the road.
  • Share New Experiences: When we’re traveling, we’re often trying new things, exploring unique places, and sharing more of our daily lives with each other. There’s something special about returning to the office and reminiscing about a site we saw together, or laughing over something we did.

Does it sound like we’re having fun around the Paragon Executives office? We are. Like us on Facebook for highlights from our trips and other activities that kick our workplace up a notch.