How To Convert Your House Into A Smart Home

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Are you looking for ways to convert your regular house into a smart home that saves money and keeps you secure? Today, there are numerous technological upgrades to help you do this. Besides automating your home with sensor powered products, there are various other solutions you can try to reduce your power consumption without restricting functionality.

At Paragon Executives, we have combined renewable energy with smart home technology to push forward our initiative to help more homes use clean electricity. Our solutions are designed to enable our community to stop its dependence on fossil fuels without completely changing the household’s infrastructure.

Our partner, Inspire Energy, design the game-changing renewable energy solutions we provide.  Together, we work to build the smartest, fastest path to achieving maximum impact on both a community and individual level.

We approach clients interested in adopting smart power and educate them about the possibilities they can achieve with our solutions. We discuss their current energy consumption levels and help them understand how they can continue to live their life with the same electronics, but with cleaner energy supplies. We then connect the client with our smart energy partners who present them with ready-to-use solutions from smart thermostats and locks to vents that significantly decrease energy consumption.

Currently, we focus on assisting homeowners who want to join the movement to clean up our environment and desire their homes to be smarter with no initial investment. However, businesses are also welcome to try out our solutions to clean up our surroundings as efficiently and quickly as possible.

The energy solutions that we provide help our clients feel good about their energy consumption and household efficiency. To manage this, our clients do not need to make initial investments. And, if our products are used correctly, they should incur zero additional costs.

To convert your house into a smart home today, reach out to Paragon Executives. Our devotion to clean energy solutions proves that doing good business doesn’t mean sacrificing great values. We’re proud to work with partners like Inspire Energy to deliver the smarter, greener future we all deserve.

We are committed to saving the planet one home at a time, and if you’d like to join in our mission, give us a call at (215) 208-7648 or fill out our contact form here. To learn more about what we do, visit our website here