Paragon Executives served Over 2203000000 Kwh of Clean Power Together - Employment Opportunities in NJ

We’ve Served Over
0 Kwh
Of Clean Power Together

That’s the clean power equivalent of building 293 new wind turbines Which is like preventing 8500 railcars of coal from being burned Or taking 330,765 cars off the road for a whole year.

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Joining Forces For Change

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Paragon Executives combines the voices of a truly diverse, deeply passionate team to get the message out about today’s best smart-energy solutions. Working together, we inspire change and make a genuine impact to create a better world and brighter future.

At Paragon Executives, we are acquiring new technologies and reimagining our methods to build a more sustainable tomorrow. You can see our dedication to sustainability and innovation right on the streets of your neighbourhood. Our passion is to make homes and surroundings pleasant while lowering energy costs. We have a long-standing reputation for connecting homeowners with trusted and reliable suppliers of home energy solutions.

Paragon Executives is committed to helping people during this pandemic with the basic need for water. Therefore, we have collaborated with Nestle's ReadyRefresh initiative, where they donate water bottles to nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, baristas and many other customers along their routes working in essential services. Our partnership with ReadyRefresh is aimed at lifting the communities where we live and operate. This initiative helps keep plastic bottles off the street and reduce our impact on the environment. We have tried our best to keep people safe at home by allowing them to place limitless orders. Also, we go one step ahead and take necessary measures while delivering the products with contactless delivery. This is our little way of giving back to the community we love and live in.

Our Team

We know our success is because of our people. We take great pride in knowing we have a high quality, dedicated, helpful and competent staff. We value all associates and strive to provide the necessary tools to enable them to work to their best potential. Our vision is to offer opportunity without compromising values. We want to provide a positive work environment and culture where each of our members can learn and grow.

Why Join Us?

Grow as a Professional. Make a Difference
Paragon Executives is the place where you can bring your idea to life through the work that you do, while building a better business and a better world. You will work with names that are well-known, and improve our consumers' lives and the communities around us. In the process, you will learn something new and make a difference every single day.

Expert Training

Get inspired by managers and peers and create life-shaping experiences for yourself. Paragon Executives offers an inspirational working atmosphere where you will be mentored and trained by bright minds and purpose-led leaders. Apply your skills and knowledge and the tools we provide you to experience all that we can offer across businesses and around the world. You will have a flourishing career with us and become the best version of yourself.

A Lifetime Bond

The talented, caring, and resilient members of the Paragon Executives family are the foundation of our success. We like taking care of each other, our clients, our communities and the environment. We love spending time as a team, and we even participate in shared group experiences like industry conferences, celebratory retreats and more. These activities help us learn about each other — how each person thinks, works, solves problems and has fun.

At Paragon Executives, we offer exciting career opportunities with ongoing learning and advancement. We welcome you to apply now by sending us a cover letter with your updated resumé to .

Paragon Executives Showcases Your Devotion to Clean Energy

Finding a way to make the world a better place isn’t always easy. That’s why Paragon Executives fosters an environment that helps like-minded professionals thrive with abundant opportunities to do good and exceed expectations. Every great idea matters to us. Every individual passion inspires us. We’re here to deliver the resources and tools you need to make a difference and succeed.

    • Grow as a Professional. Make a Difference

    The Paragon Executives team partners with Inspire Energy to spark excitement about the world-changing impact of clean energy. By delivering the message in powerful, creative ways that inspire real action, we create a connection between businesses and customers for renewable technology solutions that give the next generation – and beyond — the brighter future they deserve.

    • Expert Training

    Achieving your potential means learning from experts. That’s why we provide all of the training, tools, and resources our associates need to master skills ranging from leadership to technology presentations. It’s a commitment that paves the way to advancement while also celebrating our devotion to values. Best of all, as you advance, you’ll pay it forward by training upcoming team members.

    • A Lifetime Bond

    We take pride in the sense of excitement, success, and bonding that Paragon Executives associates share. The energy and camaraderie of our team shine through in everything we do to advance smart, renewable energy solutions. It’s a heartfelt passion that brings us together as a family – and then we take it even further by growing together every day through shared group experiences from industry conferences to celebratory retreats and more.